2015, Screenshots from video games, analog enlarged

Erik Arkadi Seth

»Holz lautet ein alter Name für Wald. Im Holz sind Wege, die meist verwachsen jäh im Unbegangenen aufhören. Sie heißen Holzwege…« (Heidegger, Vorwort zu Holzwege, 1950)

“hylē” (after Aristotle’s concept for matter, ancient Greek also wood) is showing, among other things, a series of four black and white prints on baryta paper:
Four screenshots from the computer game “Vanishment of Ethen Carter” each show the same pile of wood, which appears again and again at different places in the game.

The screenshots were enlarged using a smartphone display and a normal enlarger in the photo lab.

Computer game (“Vanishment of Ethen Carter”) screenshot, exposed with smartphone display on baryta paper, each 60 × 50 cm, 2015

Untitled 1

Computer game (“Walking on Mars”) Screenshot, with Smarthponedisplay on
Chamois baryta paper approx. 13 × 18 cm


Computer game (“Walking on Mars”) screenshot, with smarthpone display on Chamois baryt paper ca. 13 × 18 cm

Hl Cs

Computer game (“Counterstrike”) screenshot, with smarthpone display on chamois baryt paper ca. 10 × 15 cm

Computer game ("Vanishment of Ethen Carter") Screenshot, exposed with smartphone display on baryta paper and chamois paper, lith development, various sizes, 2015