a line made by printing

2015, Books. Shipping boxes

Erik Arkadi Seth

While in Los Angeles, I ordered 30 magazines from a book-on-demand printing service. Each magazine consists of 100 pages, each showing a continuous horizontal line. A line consisting of 100 strokes is created in the bleed. Stacked on top of each other, this creates a line of 3000 strokes.

Due to the large manufacturing tolerances in printing and perfect binding, there are major shifts in the line from page to page, from magazine to magazine.

In consultation with the print service provider, I was sent 30 magazines as a rework first once, then twice more, which again arrived with a broken line. The project ended with the end of the stay in Los Angeles.

Exhibition view, L.A. Studio, 2015

Project room2016 011 Edit
Exhibition view Braunschweig 2016, three stacks of 30 issues each, on the respective delivery boxes.