On Postproduction

2018, Publication

Erik Arkadi Seth

The catalog “On Postproduction” offers insights into six years of my work (until 2018). Beginning with a one-day stay in Japan in 2012 and a train ride from Narita Airport to Tokyo on the first pages, further travels and conceptual movements and experiments with and about photography follow over the years until shortly after my art studies and my stay in America, which I ended with a road trip from West to East Coast.
In the transition from analog to digital, photographs change through wear and tear, they lose old meanings or gain new weight and are transformed by memories and quotations as well as other works in the field of art. The catalog stages itself on Nicolas Bourriaud’s book “Postproduction” and literally puts it “on postproduction”. It is a loose collection on the edge of permanence and the intangible, ready to decay or be worked on further, a loose collection of sheets held together by a thin film of glue.

Text included: Intangible moment of distance that is so close to be touched
that it almost fades (dissolves) . – like an x ray -, by Delia Jürgens

Los Angeles / Berlin 2019, 21 x 27.9 cm, 100 pages, laser print, perfect binding, texts in English
ISBN: 978-1-5136-4557-5, published with dis-play.xyz (Many thanks to Delia Jürgens)

See also: https://dis-play.xyz

Erik Arkadi Seth: On Postproduction (PDF for download, 35MB)

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