DIS-PLAY #1_ #1_08172018 – Can we ever be free?

2017, dis-play.xyz (www)

Erik Arkadi Seth

Collaboration with Tarik Kentouche and Delia Jürgens, 2018

Streamed into the white cube on the screen of a smartphone in “88. Herbstausstellung’ at Städtische Galerie Hanover / Kunstverein Hanover, DIS-PLAY #1_08172018 opens an endless, infinite space aside from general dimensions and questions the realms of systems as well as institutional hierarchies.

For the start the occurrence brings together Tarik Kentouche’s “Dollar Tree” and Erik Seth’s “Flights (Flights)” and deals with the experiences of infinity and boundless freedom of thought when traveling. Free from hierarchies and stereotyped censorship, Tarik Kentouche streams his installation from the motel ‘Relax Inn’ in New Orleans (LA-USA) into Erik Seth’s “Flight”-videos, fragments of several Travel-Performances // Transit-Tours. From 2011 to 2016 Erik Seth undertook several travel performances that brought him across the United States, to Tokyo and to the Attacama desert in Bolivia. In 2011 for example, he booked a flight for 80 euros to Tokyo where he had a layover of only 5 hours before his included back flight to Europe took off. Arriving at Narita Airport, Erik took the train to Ueno Park and bought a Coke at McDonalds before he headed back to catch his flight. As an artist I take myself into systems to see how they work, how they react on me and how I react on them. What happens according to my reaction? All too often I end up on Derrida’s “Mystical Fundament of Authority”, where things just are like they are. Barthes “Mantra” about photography, his “C’est Ça” comes into my mind and to me it seems that photography and video are suitable means to document such experiments’.

Tarik Kentouche idiosyncratically says ‘It’s about walking the streets of Los Angeles. They are figures, left overs from gear between Downtown and Skid Row Los Angeles’. who’s installation leads into an abstraction degree with “flights” and gives substance to the vastness, limitlessness, freedom and independence of existence’. running from September 2nd 5.30 pm (CEST) on.

Inauguration, 2013