Cross A Lion

2018, Exhibition

Erik Arkadi Seth
Cross A Lion 2018

Exhibition project “Cross A Lion” in collaboration with Sophie Bimmermann, Nicola Feuerhahn, Christian Holl, Szu-Ying Hsu, and Tarik Kentouche at Schnittraum, HBK BS

25 Millimeter – a game for six artists to create an exhibition situation.

1) In preparation, the participants come together for a first meeting to inspect the exhibition space, the playing field.

Cross A Lion 2018

2) This begins the first phase of the game, in which each player imagines a line 25 millimeters wide running horizontally or vertically. Horizontal lines run across all the interconnected walls of the room, while vertical lines run across the floor and ceiling as well as the opposing walls. The space within the line forms the basis of your own artistic production and can be used later in the game up to a height of 25 millimeters. The next step is to think about what should happen there and organize any materials that may be needed before the game can continue.

3) In the meantime, general tasks can be distributed within the group and a title for the exhibition must be found. If the room needs to be cleaned or painted, now would be a good time.

4) The next step is to set up the artwork. Depending on where the lines of the individual participants run, there are intersections with the other players. Here it is important to negotiate agreements on what should happen there. The set-up phase is complete when all strips have been set up as required.

5) The game ends with the opening of the exhibition.

Cross A Lion 2018